Are you familiar with letterpress printing? It’s the oldest of the traditional printing techniques and it is one of KC Decorative Seal’s core capabilities.

Quite simply, letterpress printing is the transfer of a raised inked image through pressure. The process requires a high degree of craftsmanship, but it adds dimension, texture, and a visual appeal few printing processes can achieve.

Letterpress provides a classy look and feel that the digital printing process cannot. We use it to create labels, stickers, business cards, invitations, gift enclosure tags, address labels, product labels and more.

Letterpress Labels Designed to Meet Your Needs

You’ve heard the phrase “content is king.” Well, in letterpress printing, typography is king. Letterpress designs are crisp with sharp lines, patterns, shapes and decorative embellishments, and typography. And, they come in all shapes: round, square, oval, rectangular, and custom die cuts.

Many people love the aesthetic appeal of our letterpress labels and stickers. Some ideas on how you might customize for your customers:

  • Grab attention with an embossed and hot stamped decorative sticker combined with metallic foils.
  • Use gold and silver foil material or flood coat to a PMS color then use a special die cut and blind emboss your logo or other brand elements.
  • Blind emboss a crest, mascot or other image or print with a color of hot stamp then emboss.
  • Create an elegant, simple look by blind embossing flood coated matte or semi-gloss material.
  • Build your credibility with product labels and stickers that have a timeless look of tradition.
  • Display your product or gift wrap with an elegant embossed image (and we can even match the colors).

Check out our Product Gallery for more ideas.

Letterpress Labels on Rolls

Today, printers that use the letterpress process are typically printing on single sheets. At KC Decorative Seal, we print on rolls. Why?

  • Faster turnaround time.
  • Re-registering capabilities allow us to add the metallic foil to pre-printed labels.
  • Stickers on rolls can be machine applied to other equipment.
  • Positioning can be in any direction to accommodate equipment.
  • Easy to remove a seal from a roll, easily separated from the backing of the roll making it easy for the end user to apply.
  • Rolls can be perforated between each sticker.
  • Ease in storing rolls in a plastic bag or at a workstation.
  • The image can be either ink or hot stamp. Background can be solid ink color with raised foil image.

We custom design many letterpress labels for specific industries, such as gift wrap & packaging, townships and municipalities, schools, associations and more. Our 3,000+ dies and palette of ink colors enable us to match brand colors and unique shapes and sizes of the label, crafting it to your exact specifications.

Our sweet spot is in doing short runs of labels on rolls. This means you don’t have to order large quantities to get what you need.

Are you ready for your letterpress labels? Need a sample? Have a question? Contact us through our website or send an email to

Located in the heart of Missouri, K.C. Decorative Seal offers you labels meticulously created by a manufacturer with custom capabilities. Quality products. Exceptional service.

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