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Label Manufacturers

Product ID labels, consecutively numbered labels, or property labels for inventorying your equipment – any numbered label – needs to be made of strong, durable material to withstand day-to-day use.

Label manufacturers need customized numbered labels.

  • label manufacturers, K.C. Decorative Seal, product ID labels, property labels, consecutively numbered labels, numbered labelsSerialize each label.
  • Overlaminate clear poly-printed labels with an additional clear material to provide a protective coat.
  • Consecutive numbering in multiples and varying positions, horizontal, vertical or both.
  • Re-register and apply numbering to pre-printed labels provided or do complete process in-house.
  • Need some custom foil logo emboss seals? Take a look at our photo gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Operational labels

We can print your labels on vinyl, mylar or clear poly when needed for durability. Customize with your company name and special die cut.

All labels are made in-house on our own equipment. No outsourcing for us!

Silver, Mylar, Property Label
inventory, product ID, serial number, sticker
serial, numbered, product id,, sticker
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