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Personal Seals

Embossed seals aren’t just for business. Custom-designed seals and product tags lend a unique flair to your own personal correspondence and gift-giving.

Add a personalized touch to your correspondence with embossed seals.

  • embossed seals, seals, custom-designed seals, K.C. Decorative Seal, product tags, personal correspondence, gift-givingDesign a wedding seal you can use for engagement parties, bridal or couple showers, and wedding invitations (and don’t forget, we can do matching place cards!).
  • Personalize stationery, thank you cards, holiday cards and more.
  • Design your own “save the date” seals for your calendar or invitations to special events.
  • Take a look at our photo gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Personalize your gift-giving.

Create brilliant custom-embossed seals with one or more of your initials. Customize using all your initials, simply tell us how your initials should appear. Or, use a single initial; either way, adding initials make a striking accent to your personal stationery!

All labels are made in-house on our own equipment. No outsourcing for us!

Silver initial D
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