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Corporate Seals

The right image for your organization is key – to your brand, your reputation. A custom-designed seal using a die cut from our inventory, such as a starburst die, certificate seals or anniversary seals, helps you stand out in the crowd. K.C. Decorative Seal has the custom foil logo emboss seal you want and need.

Corporate seals create a powerful image for your business.

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  • Enhance your organization’s professional image and identity with a custom-designed seal.
  • Use as a final “seal” of approval on envelopes, reports, insurance forms or other official company correspondence.
  • Add the finishing touch to letterhead, business cards, presentation folders, sales literature, thank you cards, invitations and more.
  • Graduation certificates often have a starburst seal showing the school graduated from.
  • Take a look at our photo gallery for more ideas and inspiration.

Corporate Seals

Starburst is a die cut with points all around the edge of the circle or oval. The cut is used for corporate seals. Corporate logos are embossed and sometimes printed on a pointed starburst die cut. Starburst dies are popular when making an official seal, corporate seal, or any other type of seal. Some companies even use this cut for their anniversary seal.

We offer many sizes with the diameter starting at 1.25″ and up to even a 3.0″ diameter cut. The 2.0″ diameter is a very popular size and fits nicely on most documents. Select gold or silver, dull or bright material.

All labels are made in-house on our own equipment. No outsourcing for us!

corporate seal, starburst
Starburst crest
corporate seal, crest
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