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Logos & Products

K.C. Decorative Seal creates beautifully handcrafted die-cut custom logo products and seals, many with a special die cut. Tell us what shape and size you need. We’ll select a die size that matches your needs from our full range of 3,000+ cutting dies already available.

Looking for a seal crafted to your specific needs? Take a look at our custom logo products.

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  • Almost any design or wording you want can be made to fit in one of our dies.
  • Use one ink color in the background or make it all gold or all silver.
  • Choose from an array of colors and die cuts.
  • Take a look at our photo gallery for ideas and inspiration.

Don't forget product tags!

Labels, stickers and seals, however you want to refer to them are what many of our customers want, but they also need product tags. We can do your brand insignia with or without the ® mark. Our seals make it easy to emphasize your phone number, website and email address.

Product seals and tags add the finishing touch!

All labels are made in-house on our own equipment. No outsourcing for us!

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products, logos, seal
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