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K.C. Decorative Seal, more than 40 years in the making, has built its reputation on quality, decades of expertise, and the art of manufacturing the high-end die cut embossed seals, custom labels, and enclosure cards that you are looking for. We are a roll letterpress label manufacturer and all of our manufacturing is done in-house on continuous pressure sensitive materials.


K.C. Decorative seal is veteran-owned and operated.

K.C. Decorative Seal ...

Your custom stickers and labels are meticulously created by us with custom capabilities and over 40 years’ experience.

Few companies today can rival our experience … there is no limit to the possibilities of creating a distinctive decorative embossed seal!

Our equipment has been upgraded to achieve the highest quality embossed seals and stickers.


All of our manufacturing is done in-house on continuous pressure sensitive materials.


We love partnering with our customers, working hand-in-hand to produce the products you need and we always strive for 100% customer satisfaction.


3,000+ dies, 32 ink colors plus metallic gold and silver, and your imagination means the possibilities are endless


Our letterpress printing process produces each die cut seal individually on rolls.


Whether you need gift cards, enclosure cards, place cards, product tags or something else, we will manufacture the cards and tags in our own facility.

K.C.Decorative Seal, embossed seals
K.C. Decorative Seal, seals, die cut

K.C. Decorative Seal ... a small business success story.

Our Midwest roots date back to the early 1900s. In 1978, Ken and Carole Jenkins took over operations, starting the business by manufacturing dry gum labels and seals for candy, jewelry and insurance needs.

For more than 40 years, K.C. Decorative Seal has been known for having the expertise to craft foils into decorative pressure sensitive seals and tags.

Creating on family values

We are a family-owned and operated business whose focus is on manufacturing high quality, custom-crafted foil seals, hot stamped labels and industrial labels to meet your business needs.

Key to our success is that we manufacture your seals and labels in our facility. That means we oversee and control the process from start to finish, down to the smallest detail.

Our second generation works hand-in-hand with us … offering new ideas and manufacturing procedures to serve your needs. Combine all of that with exceptional customer service and you have our recipe for success. That’s why more than 40 years later we are still in business.

Veteran-owned and operated.

made in USA, hot stamp sticker, embossed seal,

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