Association Stickers Add Professional Finishing Touch

There are literally thousands of professional and trade associations in the US today. In fact, there seems to be an association for everything! Each has its own logo or distinctive emblem and are looking for ways to stand out from the crowd, make a great first impression and strengthen membership loyalty.

Those that belong to an association are proud of their membership, wanting others to know they belong. They proudly display the logo or emblem on apparel, mugs, blankets and more.

At K.C. Decorative Seal, we take association logos and turn them into association stickers. Over the past 40 years, we have worked with numerous associations providing high quality stickers and tags to be used by the leadership and their members.

In fact, we created an elegant seal from one sorority’s logo. They use it to add the finishing touch to presentation folders, awards, certificates, invitations and more. You can also find it in their catalog for members to purchase for their own personal use.

Why use association stickers?

  • Promote the organization and its cause
  • Make the name “stick” in the minds of key stakeholders and constituents
  • Reflect the brand and build its reputation
  • Distinguish it from the sea of other associations
  • Capture attention, especially during fundraising efforts
  • Inspire members and recognize membership

Association stickers add a professional finishing touch to:

  • Invitations and promotional materials
  • Fundraising materials
  • Awards and certificates recognizing special occasions and milestones
  • Personal correspondence, such as recommendation letters and envelope seals

We cater to and custom design many association stickers for specific industries, such as colleges & universities, hospitals, municipalities, chambers, and many more. Our 3,000+ dies and palette of ink colors enable us to match brand colors and unique shapes and sizes of the logo, crafting it to your exact specifications.

Are you ready for your own association sticker? Need a sample? Have a question? Contact us through our website or send an email to

Located in the heart of Missouri, K.C. Decorative Seal offers you labels meticulously created by a manufacturer with custom capabilities. Quality products. Exceptional service.

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