Anniversary Seals, Corporate Seals, and Personal Seals in North Kansas City, Missouri

Design your seals and labels with K.C. Decorative Seal using ink colors on foil, metallic colors for hot stamp or some combination. Print on paper, foil, Mylar, vinyl, and more, using one of the more than 3,000 dies available.

Anniversary Seals

Anniversary Seals

With custom Anniversary seals from K.C. Decorative Seal, you let your customers know when you reach a milestone. In today’s world of mergers, acquisitions, and new companies, a custom-crafted anniversary seal reminds customers of your company’s longevity and stability. Our anniversary seals can also be used to celebrate a key event, or to recognize someone’s significant achievement. Anniversary seals can also be used to dress up presentation folders, letterhead, invitations, awards, certificates….the possibilities are endless!

Our Anniversary seals come in all shapes and sizes. You can use one color ink on gold or silver foil to give your seal a unique look.

Corporate Seals

Corporate seals-tags

Presenting the right image is key to your organization’s brand and reputation. A custom-designed corporate seal from K.C. Decorative Seal will enhance your organization’s professional image and identity, helping you stand out in the crowd.

Use a custom Corporate embossed seal as the finishing touch to your organization’s letterhead, business cards, presentation folders, sales literature, invitations, or just about anything pertaining to your company. You can use a Corporate starburst seal to reflect the official nature of documents. Your Corporate seal can also be displayed on product tags white, gold, or silver, card stock with left, right, or center hole punch available.

Our Corporate seals come in all shapes and sizes. You can use one color ink on gold or silver foil to give your seal a unique look.

Personal Seal

Personal Seals

Embossed seals aren’t just for business purposes. A unique custom-designed seal from K.C. Decorative Seal will give a unique flair to your own personal correspondence and gift-giving.

The possibilities for Personal seals are endless. For example, you can design a wedding seal that can be used for engagement parties, bridal or couple showers, and wedding invitations. You can also create brilliant custom-embossed seals with one or more of your initials. This is perfect for personalizing stationary thank you notes, holiday cards, and more. Design your own “Save the Date” seals for your calendar or invitations to special events. Personal seals come in all shapes and sizes, and can be customized using a script or traditional look.

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